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How to make your existing organisation an FFII affiliate.

How this helps

The FFII is, as has been said, a network of people all over the world who work together to solve hard problems such as how to explain to governments why more competition is good, and big monopolists should not be trusted. The more people, the better. Our strength and wisdom comes from our intellectual and geographic diversity and independence, combined with high-technological tools to aggregate opinions together into knowledge.

Affiliation is how other NGOs become 'members' of the FFII.


Any association that is roughly compatible with the FFII can become an affiliate, if both boards, and general assemblies, agree. Affiliation has the following consequences:

  1. All members of the affiliated organisation become members of the FFII, automatically and without paying fees to the FFII.
  2. The FFII will consider the affiliate to be a trusted partner in whatever region or domain the affiliate works.

Further detail can be defined in an "affiliation agreement", a contract between the two organisations. Note that affiliation is not symmetric. The FFII does not become an affilate, it is an umbrella organisation.

Typical affiliates include:

  • National chapters of the FFII that carry the "FFII" name.
  • National organisations that do similar work as the FFII and are trusted to represent the FFII at the national level.
  • Organisations in other areas of the world who have their own identity but carry out similar work to the FFII.
  • Free software groups of all kinds.
  • Copyright groups (e.g. anti-DRM groups).

To start the process of affiliating an organisation, you should get the board of the affliatee to contact gro.iiff|draob#gro.iiff|draob.


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