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The FFII is not just an activist organisation; we also represent businesses, especially small-to-medium firms that depend on open standards and the ability to compete freely in a healthy market.

How this helps

Creating links to small businesses makes the FFII more representative. But it's also very valuable to bring business people into the FFII because they are often very effective at organising and at presenting the FFII's case.


It is very hard to convince anyone running a business to stop for a second to get involved in the FFII. You need to have a specific issue that they care about and where the FFII can help.

It could be:

  • A patent issue that affects the specific market where the business operates. The FFII can help by explaining the real risks of the patent(s) in question, by helping if the business decides to oppose a pending patent, and by bringing the business into contact with others who have the same problem.

When you contact a business, try to adopt the following message:

  • The FFII has successfully represented the interests of SMEs for almost ten years.
  • The FFII is not looking for financial support.
  • We are looking for partners in our workgroups.
  • If the business is interested in joining a trade association so they gain representation, Esoma is perfect.

Depending on the size and importance of the firm, you may want to arrange a visit. Make sure you speak to someone who has enough authority to decide whether or not to help the FFII. Explain your case:

  • The FFII depends on input from business.
  • We represent, directly and via Esoma, SME interests in Brussels and further afield
  • Software patents affect everyone in the IT sector, producers and consumers alike

Your goal is to get the business interested in one or more of the FFII's ongoing campaigns. Obviously you want to leave something behind, and try to agree on some next steps for collaboration.


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