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How to take part in FFII workgroups.

How this helps

The FFII is 'all workgroups', so to do anything useful, you need to be part of a workgroup. Most workgroups are only moderately active, a few active all the time. New minds in workgroups helps them stay fresh and alive.


The page lists all known workgroups. When members decide to create a new workgroup, they choose a name, define a mission, pick up some support from other members, then ask the board for an "OK". The workgroup then arrives on the action site.

Workgroups should have a microsite, and a cover page on that explains what they do, who's in them, etc. They should have an email list with the same name as the workgroup. There are many older mail lists called 'something-help' and 'something-parl'. These will eventually be replaced by plain old 'something' and 'something-public'.

You join the workgroup by asking to subscribe to the 'something' (or 'something-help') list. If the list moderators, who run the workgroup, know you and like you, they'll accept. If not, they'll reject with some random reason. Don't take rejection personally if it happens.

When you've joined a workgroup, you can help improve the workgroup's infrastructure. This means:

  • Helping to make a clean cover page on
  • Helping to make the microsite(s) better and clearer


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