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Raise funding from a business or an organisation that funds NGOs.

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The FFII has no wealthy backers, it runs off membership fees and donations. Individual donations are great, but there are many businesses and organisations who would love to help us, if they knew what we did. Maybe you know one of these organisations.


When asking a business or organisation to help the FFII, you need to know what they expect. Some firms provide funding simply because they understand our work is vital. Others want to contribute to specific actions - maybe a conference, or some research.

Funding specific projects is probably the best technique because it sends donors a clear message, "your money is used for real work, not for keeping the FFII running":

  • It is much easier to ask for funding for a specific project. Make a clear project plan including your goals, timeline, deliverables (what you intend to produce), team, and budget.
  • Try to find multiple donors for a project, so that no single donor carries all the weight. For example, if your budget is 20k Euro, ask four donors to find 5k each.
  • Make sure you report both to the FFII and to the donor, before, during, and after your project.

Fund-raising through campaigns is very hard work. In a typical case, a petition with 50,000 signatures raised 500 Euro in donations. You may find that asking for donations more aggressively works better. Or else, making it easier to donate, by working with credit cards. The FFII has no experience accepting credit card donations. Maybe you will be the person who makes this work.

European businesses who want to support the FFII in general can become members of Esoma, the FFII's business association. Esoma provides businesses with a representative voice in Brussels and across Europe, and provides the FFII with financial aid. At present we don't have an equivalent of Esoma outside Europe.


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