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Make contact with another non-governmental organisation (NGO).

How this helps

The FFII is not an empire, it's a network, and we grow by making friends in as many places as possible.


There is a great overlap in our work and the work of other NGOs, if not in substance, than in style or spirit. Much of what we do has been done before in other domains, and contacts with other NGOs provide much-needed learning and experience in both directions.

The simplest way to become a 'bridge' between two NGOs is to become an active member of both. You'll rapidly find that experience from one translates to the other, especially if you're involved in the boards, where most of the problems are standard to al NGOs: funding, internal organisation, problem solving, etc.

As with individuals, the best way to engage other NGOs in our work is to involve them in campaigns, events, actions. For example, we invited Greenpeace to a conference to explain their view on patents on genes, plants, and animals. This led to our idea that there were broader ethical concerns underlying our work on software patents. And this led to the development of the "Ethical Patent", a concept explained on


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