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Invite interesting people to join as FFII members.

How this helps

New members keep the association alive and bring in new ideas and energy.


The FFII has an excellent reputation as a network of intelligent people who achieve results. The greatest benefit for new members in joining this network is that they get access to a very deep wisdom in many matters - software patents, open standards, e-government laws, copyright - and more importantly, in the intersection between these.

The FFII does not recruit simply to boost numbers. Don't ask people to join who are not interested in the issues, and capable of helping in some way.

Concretely, keep an eye out for these kinds of people:

  • Communicators who write or speak well, and who keep a balanced viewpoint in discussions.
  • Academics who are working in the fields of economics, competition, computer science, patents, copyrights, etc.
  • Organisers who start associations, workgroups, who run events, etc.
  • Administrators who like to do paper work (very rare, very precious).

The only requirement for membership is that members agree to respect the FFII's mission and statutes, which are pretty clear. Then, prospective members make a request to the board, which approves or rejects it (we reject only people who's documented background makes them unlikely candidates for our work).

In countries that have national affiliates, we encourage new members to join the affiliate, whereupon they also become an FFII member. But people are always welcome to join the as well, or both.

Note that when you recruit a new member, you are responsible for getting that person integrated into the organisation. Do the following:

  • Invite them to at least one active workgroup and make sure they can contribute.
  • Try to meet them to discuss, or pick up the VoIP and call them.


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