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The classic media (news, TV, radio) is proprietary and cannot be trusted to give a fair or accurate report of key events. The free media consists of blogs, web sites, email lists, and other tools of the digital society. By starting a blog you become a free journalists, reporting on events from your own point of view, often reaching people around the world.


We'd like to offer blogging in the FFII's own infrastructure, but for now the best solution seems to be to use Blogspot or some other free blogging service. Blogs are trivial to start and write. When writing your blog, remember to:

  • Remain unemotional about your subject.
  • Be bold, and don't be afraid to speculate or forecast.
  • Allow comments so that people have the right of reply.
  • Not make slanderous or libelous statements.
  • Write clearly efficiently and briefly.


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