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An explanation of how to use your mail alias.

How this helps

Using your mail alias helps others remember that you are part of an organisation, not just an individual. It is a small badge of identity.



I don't mind receiving spam, but I want to be able to filter it myself with my tools. Why is it not possible technically?

Because turning it off for you means that if a single mail is sent to both your and several other addresses at the same time (by putting multiple addresses in the TO and CC fields), then the spam filtering will be turned off for those other addresses as well (since as far as the SMTP connection is concerned, it is a single mail, so it cannot reject it at that point for only one address).

And delaying the spam filtering until after the SMTP connection means either that:

  1. you do not send bounces for filtered mails, meaning that senders will not know if their mail was discarded as a result of spam filtering;
  2. you run the risk of sending bounces to spam trap addresses which were forged by the spammers in the from field, resulting in your mail

server ending up on blacklists (if you reject the mail during the smtp hand shake, it is the sending server who will bounce to the spamtrap address and thus the sending server who will get on the blacklist)

Also, it means that mail sent to the many open FFII lists will not be spam-filtered, and moderators will spend huge amounts of time deleting this spam.


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