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How to use the FFII

The FFII is a tool for people to work together to improve their world. But the tool is not very well documented and this makes it harder for people to work than it should be. The Howto project solves this by creating an online guide to the whole FFII. We don't care if those fighting us know how we work, transparency is our best friend.

Some simple rules:

  • Everything on this site is public.
  • You need to be a member to create or edit pages.
  • To create a page use the options on the main page right hand side.
  • We have four areas: Howto's, stories, articles, and projects.
  • Howto's are ways people can make a difference.
  • Stories are personal reports from people in the field.
  • Articles are other guides and explanations.
  • Projects are workgroups, microsites, and campaigns.

If you want to contribute to this site, please join as a member. Since it's a wiki, in general the best way to improve things is to edit the articles when you find problems. If in doubt email the author or add a comment. When you read an article, please rate it if you like it.


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